• Remote Emergency Care Level 1,2 and 3

    Remote Emergency Care REC is recognised by the ISA, ICU, and Mountaineering Ireland as well as all the other outdoor sports governing bodies. The emphasis of the course is on how to manage and arrange the evacuation of injured or ill casualties in remote settings when ambulance medical may be a while coming and where there is only minimal equipment available. The course is taught in a completely hands- on manner in realistic outdoor scenarios where the skills of each and every individual on the course is practiced and developed
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  • PHECC. Community CFR / AED

    Cardiac arrest if the abrupt loss of heart function in someone who may or may not have been diagnosed with a heart disease. If you know CPR, you may be able to save a life. A cardiac first responder (community level) is a person trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and in the use of and automated external defibrillator. You can respond to someone who has suddenly collapsed. Cardiac arrest occur out of hospital and usually in the presend of family or work colleagues. This course if PHECC recognised

  • Sport First Aid / First aid for community groups

    1 and 2 day courses which are ideal for those who are participating in or coaching and managing sports of all kinds. The course is tailored to the needs of the particular sporting group and covers injuries specific to these sports as well as emergency first aid and CPR. Some of the topics covered, are managing sprains, and fractures, or how to stop bleeding.

  • First Aid on the Farm

    Increased evidence now shows that farming incidents are on the increase.
    Machinery, livestock, falls from a height are potential hazards for the farming industry
    In this course you will learn what to do in the event of an emergency on the farm. What to do in a lone first aid situation
    Patient Assessment.
    Controlling Major Bleeding
    Crush injuries
    Musculoskeletal Injuries

  • PHECC First Aid Response -FAR

    First Aid Response is for anyone wanting to learn how to recognise and care for people with life threatening injuries before the arrival of health care practitioners. It is also aimed at people who need a first aid qualification for their work or in the workplace. Certificate is awarded by PHECC, the Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council.
    Course Content
    Introduction to First Aid
    Patient Assessment
    Incident procedure
    Cardiac First Response Community.
    Common Medical Emergencies
    Injury Management and Shock
    Care of the Unconscious patient.
    Burns and electrical injury care.
    Hypothermia and Hyperthermia.
    Information management.
    The well being of the First Aid Responder.